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Printing technology has rapidly progressed, and through the synergy of “network environments”, “globalization” and more, it is now being transformed in an even more dynamic and advanced way. However, technological progress is for people to live more safely and comfortably, and its lead role must be played by people. We at Nikken Chemical Laboratory place a high priority on the ties and dialogue between one person and another. We aim to be a company that is always there for the customer.

・We at Nikken Chemical Laboratory aim to be a “development-oriented company that links people and printing  
 through chemistry.”

・Through our corporate activities, we will contribute to local society.
・We will focus on protecting the global environment as we seek to develop technologies that possess originality.
・We will develop value-added products suited to the times.
・We will endeavor to be an international company geared to global networks.
・We will aim to be a company that produces benefits and values people.
・Name Nikken Chemical Laboratory Co., Ltd.
・Capital 80 million yen
Founding April 1964
・President Hiroharu Ushida
・Activities Research and development, and manufacture and sale, of printing and platemaking
materials and related materials